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Tower Tools you didn't know you needed: Gloves

Posted by Lee Loker on

Gloves are something many climbers think about when they are on a tower and forget once they get down.  Good gloves can mean the difference between a long day and a very long day.

Over the years we have found climbers have many personal opinions on gloves. Towerone carriers a few different types to meet various likes and needs. 

On a tower, having the mobility of your fingers is key when it comes to starting nuts or removing covers.  For the WISP industry, the nuts and bolts are typically smaller so this becomes very important.   For this application, we carry the 720 Trades Gloves with an open 3 fingers.

If you prefer a full finger glove the 710 might be more your style.

Both of these have padding and protection where it counts.  They are also a flexible glove.  With a good glove, you should not be needing to take it off to do your work.

If you do a fair amount of rope work, the PETZL line of gloves is a great glove to have in your toolbag. We carry a lightweight and midweight gloves.

All of the above purpose-built gloves allow you to get the best comfort out of a job.  This can greatly enhance your productivity and general comfort much more than an off-the-shelf glove can.

Contact TowerOne for details and quantity discounts. 

Justin Wilson

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