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  • Can I climb commercial towers with a 'Tower One' Certification?
    • Absolutely!  Companies such as American Tower and SBA require that you achieve a certification from a company that is recognized by NATE (National Association of Tower Erectors) and is an authorized training partner.  Tower One is authorized by NATE and therefore our instruction and classes give you the green light to climb commercial structures.


  • Do you offer "TTT" or Train the Trainer options for my company?
    • Great question.  "Train the trainer" is quite unique in this field to the tower climbing industry.  From what we can learn, this concept was started by a Tower Climbing Certification company years ago to handle all the requests from climbers wanting to get certified to keep up with OSHA regulations and industry best practices.

      However, most other similar industries do not offer this type of training.  Professions such as fork lift operators, welders, crane operators all require certifications to be proficient and most notably safe at their prospective jobs.  Each of those individuals must go through professional and documented safety training institutions and "on the job" or even "train the trainer" education is classified differently.  With safety being our number 1 priority, we feel that tower climbing is much more dangerous than many other professions, therefore, we do not offer this type of training.

      Tower 1 believes that each person should be taught and supervised by a trained and experienced professional to ensure that not only are they being safe, but also up to date on OSHA regulations, best practices, and new equipment.  We have seen many "failed" train the trainer classes where the students coming out of the course felt very uncomfortable climbing structures and identifying proper hazards.  Even when one of us went through NFPA's High Angle Rescue course, we found out afterwards that the instructor was teaching on codes and regulations that were over 10 years old and many of the skills that were learned were out of date.

      Tower 1 is not alone on this viewpoint.  Many training companies are changing and realizing the need to provide proper instruction requires proctoring the students skill set.  Therefore, to ensure that "Tower 1 Certified" climbers are proficient, safe, and up to date on the rules, we only offer face to face training.