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ANSI 121-2018 Tool lanyards

Posted by Lee Loker on

Tower Tools you didn’t know you needed but do Part 1 of a series

We are introducing a new series called “Tools you didn’t know you needed.” Up first is Safety Lanyards for your equipment.  ANSI/ISEA 121-2018

TowerOne carries several types of lanyards for tower work. Our 3100 series Lanyards are perfect for hand tools.  These high-quality lanyards come in five, ten, and fifteen-pound strengths for your various items. Locking and triple-locking carabiners are available as an option. This allows your devices to stay attached as you work at height. Other options include detachable accessory loops to quickly change tools before you go up. Our stretchcord material outshines plain old rope by allowing you to use tools without long pieces of cords comfortably. Tight towers are notorious for catching lanyards and ropes.  Having a compact package makes for a smoother climb. Sometimes we are right at the edge of our reach and knowing your tool is secure is comforting at 200 feet when it was just supposed to be a simple AP swap.


Not only do these lanyards help with compliance and safety but they also help increase productivity.  A dropped tool can mean the difference between beating an incoming storm and having to come back another day.  

To see our complete line of Lanyards and accessories visit the following link. . If you have questions or need bulk pricing, please reach out to us



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