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Wispapalooza 2014

Posted by Nick Riedman on

Well, we just completed the largest Wisp show in the U.S.  With over 1,100 attendees and 450 vendors, it was certainly a wealth of information and memories.  I can say that Tower One was pleasantly surprised at the number of companies maturing and really taking a focus on safety at work.  Generally we find that to be on the back burner of small business who have the "do whatever it takes" attitude to get the job done.  Now instead, it is becoming a "get it done quickly and safely" attitude.
  The short four hour training class we held on equipment was also a great success.  Over 30 participants showed up to learn about the latest advancements in climbing equipment and proper uses of each device.  Many of the students came up to us afterwards and was appreciative of the knowledge and time we took to help your companies become efficient and compliant.


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